Caring for Your Feet When You're Diabetic

Diabetes affects your health in many ways; keeping your condition in check can sometimes feel like a full-time job! Believe it or not, diabetes has even an effect on the health of your feet. Once you know how to properly manage this part of diabetes, however, you'll find that it isn't difficult or time-consuming. Dr. Jade Gittens, your podiatrist in Somerset, NJ, answers common questions and offers some tips here for her diabetic patients at Premier Foot & Ankle Center.

How does diabetes affect my feet?

Diabetes is a systemic condition that can be detrimental to your overall health without proper management. With regards to the feet, diabetes slows down the circulation of the blood. Since the feet are distanced from the heart, their blood flow becomes particularly compromised. Diabetes can also cause neuropathy, a nerve disorder that prevents people from feeling normal pain. These two complications of diabetes make injuries to the feet more serious than normal because your Somerset podiatrist's patients may not even know they've injured themselves until the wound, which isn't getting the proper blood flow necessary for healing, has become infected and difficult to treat.

How can I take care of my feet when I'm diabetic?

Dr. Gittens, your Somerset podiatrist, recommends taking these precautions to all her diabetic patients:

If you're diabetic, any injury to the feet, no matter how minor, should be reported to Dr. Gittens at Premier Foot & Ankle Center in Somerset, NJ. Preventing foot wounds is key to proper diabetes care. For more information, contact our office for an appointment!

Dr. Jade Gittens

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