Prepare Your Feet for Somerset 5K

The Somerset 5K is coming up soon! Will your feet be ready? While three miles may not seem like a long distance to run, it can be enough to significantly damage your feet and send you to a podiatrist like Jade Gittens, DPM at Premier Foot & Ankle Center in Somerset, NJ if you aren't prepared. Here's what you need to do.

1. Wear Quality Shoes

When it comes to race gear, nothing is more important than a quality pair of shoes. If the only shoes you have are old, worn out sneakers that have seen better days, you will very likely need to invest in a nice, new pair of running shoes. New shoes don't have to be expensive, but they do need to offer you support and cushioning.

One word of warning, however: Don't buy new shoes at the last minute. Buy them at least a few weeks ahead of time so you have time to wear them in. Otherwise, you'll set yourself up for blisters or an injury on race day.

2. Train in Advance

If you aren't much of a runner, you will likely want to train at least a little bit in advance. You don't need to run the whole three miles before race day, but if you plan to run the majority of the Somerset 5K, you'll probably want to be able to run a least a couple of miles ahead of time. Don't overdo it, but do get your body used to running.

3. Rest Before the Big Race

Of course, if it's down to the last minute and you haven't had as much time to train as you'd like, don't try to squeeze all of the training you meant to do in all at once. Going from little activity to a burst of it is a great way to injure yourself and send yourself to a Somerset, NJ podiatrist instead of the finish line.

4. Talk to Your Somerset, NJ Podiatrist

Furthermore, if you have past foot injuries or you are especially out of shape, it may be in your best interest to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gittens at Premier Fook & Ankle Center before race day. This way, you can make sure that you are healthy enough to race and that you won't be putting your feet at risk.

The Somerset 5K is going to be fun and exciting - make sure you are ready! These four tips from Somerset, NJ podiatrist Dr. Gittens will help you make it to the finish line safely.

Dr. Jade Gittens

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