Should I File Down My Calluses?

Find out the best ways to manage calluses and if you should actually shave them down.

It’s usually around the wintertime that people start paying attention to their feet. Perhaps it’s the cold, winter weather that does it but suddenly we may notice more calluses than usual. You may not realize that this thick, dead layer of skin, typically found around the bonier regions of the foot, is actually there to protect your feet. Our Somerset, NJ podiatrist, Dr. Jade Gittens, knows that they may make your feet look unsightly but is it worth filing them down?

Of course, there are many simple ways to treat calluses on your feet. You can place non-medicated pads on the callus to prevent friction when wearing shoes. You can also talk to our Somerset foot doctor about getting orthotics, to help spread out the weight more evenly.

Another great option is to change the shoes you are wearing. If you find that your calluses develop when you wear sandals or high heels, it might be time to retire them for more protective and supportive shoes.

Many people wonder if they should soak their feet and then pumice the callus down. While you can find a variety of different home remedies to try to remove the callus, remember that this patch of skin is there as a natural protective barrier. Even healthy individuals who don’t have diabetes or circulation issues in their feet should still contact us before proceeding with any of these remedies that may have you pumicing or filing down a callus.

If you are interested in trying out any of these remedies we can always show you the proper way to do it so that when you do try it at home it will be done safely. If a callus is so bad that it doesn’t respond to any of these treatments then surgery may be necessary.

If you are dealing with painful calluses that are making it difficult to move around, or if you develop calluses and you have diabetes, then it’s time to take a trip to our Somerset, NJ podiatry office for immediate care.

Dr. Jade Gittens

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