Why Diabetic Footcare is Important

Foot care is important. Especially for diabetics. Find out why!

Taking care of yourself when you have diabetes can be a challenge. Besides maintaining your glucose level, you have to watch your diet and monitor your circulation to keep your lower extremities - your feet - healthy. When you have concise, accurate information, it makes these tasks easier. Dr. Jade Gittens, your podiatrist in Somerset, New Jersey, is here to provide you with information about why foot care is so important for her diabetic patients.

Why do I need to take care of my feet?

While a simple blister or nick from nail clippers might seem like a minor injury to the average person, these negligible problems can quickly turn into major obstacles for those with diabetes. That's because diabetes brings with it two complications: poor circulation and nerve damage. When circulation is reduced, the blood flow to the feet and legs slows down due to their distance from their heart. This, in turn, hinders the healing process. On top of that, nerve damage, or neuropathy, makes it more difficult for diabetic people to feel pain. This leaves wounds to the feet subject to infections that can have dire consequences, including amputation if they are not treated. That's why podiatrists Dr. Jade Gittens in Somerset advises her patients to prevent foot injuries altogether.

How do I take care of my feet?

If you're diabetic, daily adherence to these simple steps will help keep your feet injury-free:

If you'd like more information on diabetic foot care, contact the office of podiatrist Jade Gittens in Somerset, New Jersey for an appointment today! She'd be glad to help you find the best way to keep your feet healthy.

Dr. Jade Gittens

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